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Belegenza ExtraOrdinary Hair Care Products 

Bryan partners to take Belegenza to greater heights. 

Belegenza is a family owned passion, with lofty dreams and a desire

to make big business. Facing and overcoming challenges of not only inventing a new beauty product paradigm (world’s originator of the finest silicone free salon products), keeping the integrity of such an endeavor only begins at the creation of the invention. This is where Bryan has stepped in, quite by surprise and to our delight.



As a celeb stylist, I meet all kinds of people, many of whom have great ideas, and many of whom get excited about our business, but Bryan Kravitz is a category of his own. Bryan approached me after having met briefly at New York City’s Go Green Expo and let me know that he was looking for a green business with whom to work. Though Bryan made a great impression, Belegenza was up against a difficult organizational and financial situation at the time, and though I could see his value, it was looking like a leap to entertain someone without beauty business experience to come aboard.  We talked about the importance integrity, our hopes, dreams and Bryan’s organizational, marketing and sales skills, and though he was lacking in our beauty “lingo,” there was something special. With his tenacity and eagerness to learn, he quickly proved in our brainstorming sessions that he could produce results. Before I knew it, Bryan began a national search and came up with qualified people to represent Belegenza which lead us to opening accounts with salons in cities across the country. He landed a number of PR speaking engagements that catapulted our PR campaign and sales.  From there, he recognized the need for sales tools for the new sales teams. From there, he compiled testimonials from resellers, celebrities and customers, history of myself and the company, distributor and wholesale price lists and other forms. He made all of the information organized and accessible. 

Bryan realized early on that I was needed to become the “voice” of Belegenza and began to work on strategies to make this happen. He suggested an educational “call-in/show” on which customers, salon owners and the sales team join together to ask questions and create relationships nationwide. These calls are recorded, transcribed and placed on the website for anyone to learn the ins and outs of our products and philosophy.  This has become a key to the educational aspect of Belegenza, and to enhance this Bryan saw that my connection with important leaders in my business could afford a whole new education and marketing advantage. Having been in radio prior to his work with Belegenza, Bryan felt that talk radio was where I belong and he went about getting me into broadcasting. This was the genesis of the radio show "From behind the Chair". In this venue I interview amazing people who I have met in the beauty industry, most of whom are clients and customers. Though hesitant, I followed Bryan’s lead and he seemed to be right again, as I have extraordinary guests whose stories are inspiring, motivational and offer practical solutions to the listeners! Guests include all walks of life, and a common theme of making a difference, being the best of their games, and all around great, humble people.  



We conduct a constant search to expand our professional sales team to find people who are able to understand, believe in Belegenza's future and can convey this message to stylist to present it to their clients. As we step into this phase of our progress, I notice Bryan’s leadership qualities and how comfortable he is others and how people admire his let’s–get-it-done attitude. He is always available with the needed information and is willing to go the extra mile to insure things don’t fall between the cracks. To say it another way, Bryan sees gaps and simply fills them, sees possibility and finds a way to produce the result, and does it all in a way that is efficient and impeccable.   For me, ideas have never been a problem. The problem is implementing the ideas to fruition, until recently. When I have an idea, I can simply present it to Bryan, and it gets sorted out, moved and managed with ease! 

I recommend Bryan when it comes to implementation of projects and suggest letting him know your objectives.  With his “seeing,” and extensive storehouse of tools for implementation, you are set for results! Not only that, he’s a really great human being, period.

Alan Eschenburg, founder of Belegenza

DEMOlicious!    a food demonstration company

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Bryan Kravitz. I met Bryan in 2007 through a mutual friend and hired him to assist me in growing my new business.  Bryan contributed a positive, creative, and professional spirit as my business grew from the idea phase to a promising start-up. Bryan handled numerous daily tasks efficiently. He posted want-ads, interviewed applicants, and supervised staff. He organized training programs, created and maintained demonstrator supply kits, and created forms and a system for employee time-monitoring. He also coordinated the complex scheduling of demonstrations with stores, demonstrators, and manufacturers. On many occasions Bryan performed above and beyond the call of duty. He is kind, considerate, and pleasant to work with. He is organized, reliable, and truly contributes to the betterment of every situation.  I highly recommend him for his communication skills, creative problem solving, and organization and implementation of ideas. Bryan will be an asset to any team of which he is a part. 

Jeff Levine, founder and president   DEMOlicious!

Aloe Cadabra®   a natural personal lubricant

It’s my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Bryan Kravitz.  During the past year, he’s helped us launch an unknown product line, Aloe Cadabra® in to multiple channels.  His networking, enthusiasm, energy and creative thinking, aided us as we launched the brand. 

Bryan’s tenaciousness, flexibility, problem solving and organizational skills have earned my respect and admiration.  His integrity, at all times, is a credit to the person that he is. 

We utilized Bryan’s services to, among other things, help us find mass market and natural foods brokers, call directly on accounts, organize rollouts with chains such as Whole Foods and distributors such as UNFI and explore and evaluate non traditional channels of distribution.  His willingness to pick up the phone and make a path where there was none helped us move past roadblocks. 

Unknowingly initially, Bryan’s activities became a leading source of market research for us.  His willingness to provide us straight forward feedback and assessments from his calls and communications spurred us to change packaging and make other changes that have aided the brand.

We will be continuing to work with Bryan on a variety of projects including rollouts with Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World, potentially developing a recorded training program for high profile accounts and having him continue to manage relationships with customers. 

I strongly recommend Bryan for new companies launching new products and projects that require out-of-the-box thinking, tenacity, networking and enthusiasm.

Brian Chossek, President, Seven Oaks Farm makers of Aloe Cadabra, Ventura, CA  

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